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The St. Mary's Uniform Program

St. Mary’s Health System is and always has been a patient-centered organization. We continually strive to provide those in our care with the best possible healthcare experience, which of course includes quality care, but also a beautiful environment, ease of navigation, positive interactions with our staff, and – whenever possible – unexpected features and “nice touches” that surprise and delight.

To help our patients, family members, and visitors easily identify our care team members, we are excited to launch a new, color-coded hospital staff uniform policy, made possible by a generous award from the Albert Lepage Center for Patient Experience.

When you visit St. Mary's, you'll now easily be able to identify who is in your room and the role of each employee involved in your care:

As we roll out this new initiaitve, "caregiver identifier" cards will be available at all hospital entrances and at the front desks of our ambulatory practices. We've also added this information to our Patient Handbook and to our hospital's digital display system. If you're ever unsure of what each uniform color represents, please ask a member of our team!


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