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How We Use Your Gift

Every dollar donated to St. Mary’s Healthcare System Foundation stays right here in Androscoggin county to support us in our mission to provide healing and care for the whole person, in service to all our communities.

Your gift will go towards the following St. Mary’s programs and more:

School-based CounselingSchool-based Counseling

Many of Lewiston-Auburn’s young people are struggling with staggering issues. Violence at home, sexual and emotional abuse, poverty, alcohol and drug problems, self-harm and homelessness.

St. Mary’s has provided vital, confidential, in-school counseling services for more than two decades. We’ve doubled the number of counselors available, but more and more students are coming to us. Some students feel unsafe at home; they’ve been told they’ll be ‘taken away’ if they seek help; and in some cases, cultural differences mean mental health issues are heavily stigmatized.

Confidential, in-school counseling means that our local youth can talk to an adult they can trust. Someone who has the skills to help them through counseling and advocacy. Counselors see students at school, at times that don’t interrupt classes. Teens learn techniques to navigate their emotions and stresses; life skills that will follow them into adulthood. Teens who get counseling are less likely to truant or turn to substance abuse as a way of coping.

Without this program, youth may not get the help they need. Teens have no way to pay for outpatient mental health services and struggle to find transport to appointments. Outpatient sessions also mean time away from school, making academic performance even harder for students who are already struggling.

It costs $115 to provide one confidential in-school counseling session to a student in need, helping them fulfil their potential as a productive member of our community. Please donate today.

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